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terms and COnditions



All of the membership rules contained herein apply equally to members, temporary members and guests alike.

You will be entitled to all the rights and privileges set for the Type of Membership chosen.

You cannot transfer this agreement to anyone else.



All memberships are Non-Transferable & Non-Refundable.

Membership may be renewed on payment of the prevailing fee and in accordance with the terms and conditions then in force.

By joining the studio, members automatically accept and agree to be bound by these conditions of membership.

Attendance will only be permitted to those with a valid membership, in date and in credit. If you have an amount due to be paid on your account you won’t be able to attend any classes.

As a member you agree to comply with the rules of the studio with regards to use of the facilities, opening hours and your conduct. The studio may make reasonable changes to these rules, from time to time, provided the studio gives advance notice of these changes.

In the event of a breach of membership rules and regulations the studio reserves the right of admission and may reserve the right to require any member or guest to leave the premises. Any member found in breach of rules or committing an illegal act, including theft, will be asked to permanently leave the studio and be barred from ever entering the studio again. 



All of the membership rules contained herein apply equally to members, temporary members, guests to our studio and website users and visitors alike.

Member shall not be entitled to any refund, credit or abatement if such a breach of the Agreement occurs. Do Your Jang Martial Arts reserves the right to terminate the Membership for any reason whatsoever upon written notice and a refund of the pre-paid Dues.


You will be required to pay the associated registration fee and the first month membership fee in advance. You are required to agree to the normal terms and conditions of payment.

This is a recurring monthly charge. Membership fees will be debited from your account, using your provided bank debit/credit card, on or around your join date each month, for the minimum one month term from the term start date. You can cancel your agreement and stop payments at any time, by simply contacting owner, Vanessa Kruger.

You are required to keep your account in funds to meet these payments.  In the event of the failure to pay the monthly membership fee, missed payments will be re-submitted for payment by Do Your Jang Martial Arts. Do Your Jang Martial Arts reserves the right to cancel membership if payment is not received. Access to the studio will be denied until said payment is received and if payment is not received, and cancellation occurs, the registration fee becomes applicable again on re-joining.

Failure to meet direct debit fee – In the event of the failure to pay the monthly direct debit fee you will firstly be notified that your membership has been temporarily stopped until the balance is paid.




Gym hours will be posted and subject to change. Generally, studio hours will be from 9:00am to 8:15pm Monday through Friday and 9:00am to 10:00am on Saturday with Sundays being closed. The facility and the studio may be closed or have limited hours on major holidays. Studio hours may be restricted from time to time.

The studio reserves the right to vary the opening hours as considered necessary for proper operation.




You may bring in up to two guests to use the studio at any given time. All guests MUST sign a medical and injury release form prior to using the studio and follow all Rules and Regulations. Failing to do so, Do Your Jang Martial Arts has the right to deny guests access.





Members and guests will abide by any additional Do Your Jang Martial Arts rules and regulations posted.


It is necessary that all members and guests of the club wear appropriate, clean attire and have clean feet when using the studio. Members and guests will abide by and fully comply with Do Your Jang Martial Arts' dress code for proper attire on the premises. In addition, for safety reasons, staff may post recommended, but not required, attire.

Members and guests may not bring illegal drugs or alcoholic beverages onto the Do Your Jang Martial Arts premises.

If you feel dizzy, faint, unwell or feel any unusual pain then you must stop practice and inform a member of staff immediately. Studio users are also advised to inform the coach of any injuries, pains or concerns prior to the class starting.

During studio use, all Members and guests will refrain from engaging in loud, foul or slanderous language or molesting, badgering or harassing other members or studio employees, agents and contractors. Threatening or violent conduct is prohibited.

Do Your Jang Martial Arts may suspend or terminate Member's right to use the facilities and services if Member or Member's guests violate this Agreement or engage in other misconduct in or about the facility.





This agreement releases Do Your Jang Martial Arts from all liability relating to injuries that may occur during Taekwondo or Kickboxing on location. Members agrees to hold Do Your Jang Martial Arts entirely free from any liability, including financial responsibility for injuries incurred, regardless of whether injuries are caused by negligence.


Member also acknowledges the risks involved in Taekwondo or Kickboxing. These include but are not limited to rolled ankles, broken limb, concussions. Member swears that they are participating voluntarily, and that all risks have been made clear to me. Additionally, Member does not have any conditions that will increase the likelihood of experiencing injuries while engaging in this activity.

By signing below Member forfeits all right to bring a suit against Do Your Jang Martial Arts for any reason. Member will also make every effort to obey safety precautions as listed above and as explained to verbally. Member will ask for clarification when needed.


Members should not bring valuables, including money, onto the premises, lockers or parking areas. Each Member understands and agrees that Do Your Jang Martial Arts is not liable to Member or guests for any personal property that is lost, damaged or stolen while on or around the premises, including but not limited to, any vehicle or its contents.


Members wishing to report on accidents, incidents, or problems with services at the club should contact owner, Vanessa Kruger, or can email in confidence.




You may not broadcast, copy, download, frame, reproduce, republish, post, transmit or otherwise use our websites content appearing on our website, or any other media, in any way except for your own personal, non-commercial use. Any other use of such content requires permission of our company (contact details available in our privacy policy).

We reaffirm, hacking, phishing, spamming, damaging or otherwise compromising the security of this website is highly unlawful under the Canadian act, and hence will be treated as criminal damage in a Canadian court of law.

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